Monday, July 4, 2022


 This blog is defunct now. As in dead, deceased, finished the course of its life.

I probably no longer hold any of the opinions you'll find here, even those tagged Poe's Law.

This blog was an exercise in thinking and writing. I had fun doing it, and I hope you had fun reading it. But let's be honest, TANSTAAFL Cringe! is more like it, amirite?

I don't know. I haven't bothered re-reading any of this. I'm sure it's not that bad. I was just some 20-year-old kid who'd read Murray Rothbard for the first time and wanted to express himself. 

So I thought I'd stop by and make the defunct'ing official. Just in case someone comes snooping along and wants to hold me accountable. 

Don't you hate that? Why do people get in trouble for past tweets or blogs or whatever? It assumes the person who wrote the offensive thing is the same person who stands before you today. It also assumes the mean and nasty tweet is considered offensive by everybody. Many hilarious jokes have been misinterpreted, and that's a shame.

Seems we still haven't figured out that everything is moving. Things are perceived on a marginal basis. You can't ignore marginal utility. It's baked into reality. Or at least our version of it.

The mind is entirely metaphysical. The brain and body conspire to create it. But it's a runaway greenhouse effect in the brain department. We may be too self-aware.


Do you know why we can't remember when we were babies? Because we didn't have language, we didn't really have consciousness. Not in a strict sense. 

Anyway, I'm rambling. Blog's done. I've got a substack if you want to read that, but I barely update it because I'm too busy with work.

Speaking of which - I am a freelance content and copywriter, so contact me if you need any of that done. My niches are cannabis, psychedelics, well-being, self-improvement, business and politics.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

How to Stop the Empire

From the ashes of the Second World War and the 25 chaotic years that preceded it, finally, in 1945, there was stability.

America the safe. America the prosperous.

America, haven of the world. 

Also the world’s strongest military after 1945.

Financially, the U.S.' hegemony far passed the former Soviet Union and Communist China. With these funds, an empire was born.

An empire, that, like the British one before it, began with private individuals with private interests.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Who Should Get the Right to Vote?

I - Background Philosophy 

Everybody gets the vote? Are you serious?

Universal suffrage is one of those ideas that sounds great in theory but doesn’t work in practice.

Now you may say, “Caleb, there is a right to vote."

So? Assuming we have a thing called rights, who says everyone 18 and over should be endowed with this particular right?

We’re not all equal in IQ, skill sets, or general cognitive ability. There are some very stupid people out there who cannot grasp certain concepts in a real way and therefore should not get the vote. Ever. And before you accuse me of being elitist, think of the flat earthers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Is Islam an Evil Cult?

"Did I say harsh words? You're darn right I did, and I stand behind them," Todd Beasley said Monday in an interview with CBC News.
The party rejected Beasley as a candidate on the weekend, citing some of his online comments, including several posted to Facebook in 2017.
"Islam is not a religion of peace. It's cruel, revolting, racist, oppressive and has no legitimate basis," said one of Beasley's Facebook posts. "The Mongols would have done mankind a favour if they snuffed this evil cult when they had the chance."

Isn't Islam an evil cult? I always thought most if not all religions were evil cults. If you say it's politically incorrect to insult Islam in such a manner, you're fueling the right. If you try and justify your reasoning, whether identifying with being PC or not, you'll still fuel the right.

We need a left and right. And we need authoritarians and libertarians. Just, preferably, the former in business and latter in politics. As corruption with authoritarian businesspeople is weeded out in a free market. While corruption in government by libertarians is obvious.

But anyway, I probably shouldn't call Islam an evil cult just in case I want to want for mayor again someday. But I'm hedging my bets for a more libertarian future, provided we make it. Also, I'll likely be wiser when I'm older. I do feel smarter at 30 than I did at 20... So, by the time 2057 rolls around, no one will give a shit that I once called Islam an evil cult because: a) that will have been well established and is popular opinion, b) no one cares what people say online anymore, especially if it's dated or c) we will be living in an Islamic fascist state and I will have long since left the country or have been killed... possibly both.

Just kidding about that third option, only right-leaning white trash crotch waffles, a lot of them aging parasitic baby boomers, worry about Islam. As far as I'm concerned if Muslims want their covenant communities with Sharia Law, then have at her!  I'm all for private law and order. I suppose there is a Hoppean element in me, however, that would interpret Sharia Law as a variant of socialism and therefore must be physically removed.

This is just a long way of saying that Islam is an evil cult. Most, if not all, religions are. Christianity gets no exception, so neither does Islam. Both have their histories, their important moral lessons. But they've also got a whole lot of bullshit. Lots of it. Probably more in the Qur'an than the Bible but who's counting? Take out the good narratives and remember that, while ancient humans needed myths and stories to tell something true about reality, today we can just use our advanced knowledge.

Christianity didn't build the West and Islam is not destroying it. Capital accumulation built the West. And if once upon a time having most of Europe believe in a particular interpretation of Christianity helped lay the foundations for capital to accumulate, then that's all well and good. But today, if you take the time to read and understand Mises, then you don't need some metaphysical belief in god.

You just need economics.

Islam may be an evil cult, but it's socialism that's destroying the West.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Donald Trump & Russia

Mueller indicts 12 Russian government agents for hacking Democratic computers during 2016 presidential election.


Here are facts according to the mainstream narrative: Twelve Russian spies have been charged with running a hacking campaign to damage Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Special counsel Robert Mueller is accusing the agents of installing spyware on the computers of Democratic Party staffers to monitor their work during the campaign; stealing embarrassing e-mails and other documents; and making off with voter information on 500,000 Americans from a state election agency.

Now that sounds bad...

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Right Way to Solve First Nations and Cannabis Issues

It’s a controversial opinion in 2018 that First Nations should be treated equally like everyone else. 

I don’t know why.

The history of the human race is one of conquest. Homo sapiens dominated the scene so other archaic hominids didn’t stand a chance. Then, once they were gone, we hunted large fauna. Then, once our natural predators were gone, we turned on each other.

The conquest of North America is in recent memory. As opposed to driving out Neanderthals from Europe, which happened around 40,000 years ago.

But even the residential schools of the 20th century aren’t the fault of regular people living today. I am not guilty nor responsible for the actions of my ancestors just because I descend from white Europeans.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

No More Cap & Trade - Now What?

Congratulations Doug Ford. As premier of Ontario, you've been able to eliminate cap and trade.

Imagine if Wynne had implemented carbon taxes (surprised she hadn't) do you think Ford would hang onto it? Cap and trade is one thing, but a carbon tax? Why would the PCs give up on a tax? Best to cater to their base, calm them down, it's okay Progressive Conservatives of Ontario, a carbon tax is not a hill to die on.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

An Eye for an Eye...

An eye for an eye makes the world blind, but when it comes to retaliatory tariffs, things are different.

Not actually, but that's the modus operandi of the Canadian government.

Donald Trump's presidency has officially put tariffs on Canadian products and so how did "we" respond?

By taking the moral high ground? By saying, listen President Doofus, we're not playing your game. Slap all the tariffs you want on us, you're really just hurting your own economy and raising prices for consumers. We will not play ball. We will turn the other cheek.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Next Financial Crisis

Some days I wish Hillary Clinton won just so when the economy collapses, people can get mad at her.

But Trump is too hilarious (and Trump Derangement Syndrome so interesting) that I'm fine people will blame the bad economy on his tariffs and tax cuts.

After all, with Clinton at the helm, I'm sure those evil Ruskies would have been to blame for the downturn economy.

But who's really at fault? Why the Fed of course!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to Save Canada's Democracy

Canada's golden age was between 1840 to about the 1900s, before the start of World War 1.

Now, you may say, Caleb, Canada wasn't a country in 1840.

But I disagree. When Upper and Lower Canada were united and given responsible government, I contend that this is the actual beginning of Canada. For, the move from colony to nation-state didn't occur all in 1867.

Hell, the country didn't get its constitution from England until 1982.

On February 10th 1841, Canada was unified. From the shores of Lake Superior to the ports of Montreal and Quebec City.

And then, we know the rest of the story. Other British North American settlements merged with the Canadians and, eventually, we all became Canadian.