Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How To Game the System and Make Taxpayers Pay for Your Shitty Business Idea

Alyssa Furtado had no startup money, but she had an idea.

So, did she pitch the idea to venture capitalists? Did she find some way to raise the necessary capital?

No, of course not. She pillaged the taxpayer through government grants.

Can’t say I entirely blame her. If she didn’t do it, someone else would, and thus the system bestows socialism and entrepreneurial laziness.

But still, writing an op-ed in a major newspaper may not be the best PR strategy.

Alyssa praised the grants that awarded her over $1-million that doesn’t have to be paid back.

She gave us, dear readers, advice on how we too can game the system.

This isn’t a type of “entrepreneurship” that should be encouraged or applauded.

“Consider the application process like an investment pitch,” she writes, except, instead of pitching the idea to investors who have earned their capital by providing goods and services to the public on a voluntary basis — she’s pitching ideas to bureaucrats who have no direct financial incentive to be careful with this money.

Money forced out of taxpayers and likely more valuable if directed to hospitals than entrepreneurs incapable of raising capital on their own.

If the government wants to help, then they can lower taxes across the board and gut red tape above and beyond what they think is necessary.

“RateHub applies for four or five grants each year. It’s made a profound difference in our ability to support our company’s growth.”

Well yeah, it’s free money from the government. Except it’s not free. Alyssa has to waste time going through the bureaucratic paperwork process. And taxpayers are on the hook for the billions this all adds up to.

Bragging about sponging off the taxpayer due to her inability to fund a business idea shouldn't be good PR.

When business success is measured by how much taxpayer money you can loot from the treasury, then Canada is in trouble.

There is nothing to be proud of. Fleecing taxpayers for more than $1-million should be condemned.

She should be ashamed of herself.

Not to mention, this is all entirely unsustainable in the long-run. You can't create wealth by destroying it first.

Somebody needs to read Mises.


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