Friday, December 3, 2010

Canada Sucks

The stimulus plan is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of. All it did was add $100 billion to an already $500 billion dollar federal debt. If you include the provinces and municipalities then the figures stands at $1.1 trillion. That is the amount that has been stolen by Canadians by the criminal class we call Democratic Government. And these figures don't even take into account the real amount of inflation - or unfunded liabilities.

Let's reason here – politicians are corrupt, lobbyists run the show and our currency is debt. The State is a criminal organization. It is the apparatus of compulsion and coercion. While everyone else uses voluntary means to achieve wealth, the State uses force.  You'd think it'd be enough for these assholes to siphon off wealth for their own use, but they want to “help out” in our daily lives as well. Talk about having a fucking power trip. Most of societies ills can be traced back to this violent system we partake in.

Harper said the State was extending stimulus funding deadlines to October 2011 instead of the planned March 31th 2011.

“It [stimulus statute passed in parliament] was to bring forward the necessary investments to stabilize the Canadian economy at a difficult time. Therefore there is neither merit nor justice in requiring a rigid interpretation of the contracts.”

Nobody actually expects the State to enforce contracts, especially their own. I'm just shocked Harper spoke so candidly.

Jack Layton: “The number one benchmark for measuring the success of stimulus spending is the number of jobs it creates.... When people can’t find full-time work, household debt skyrockets. Not only are people missing out on billions in lost wages, but without adequate income flowing into Canadian homes, there’s no way you can expect those families to get out and start spending.”

That's Jack Layton, leader of the NDP defending Canadians getting jobs, buying houses and spending. Translation – get a job, go into debt and remain in debt.

“It’s no secret the global recession did not begin in Canada and . . . to this day, has no causes in Canada,” said Harper. It's a secret that there's a giant bubble that's going to deflate. And it will be all our fault, Canada. If The State continues with this moronic money printing and spending then Canadians can suffer from hyperinflation or the I.M.F's austerity measures.

But that's what happens when incompetent bureaucrats run the State and Goldman Sach scum run the State's personal piggy bank.

For whatever reason, we continue to justify the State, not only in our daily lives, but its very existence in our society. Stefan Molyneux likes to call it the gun in the room. It's a good analogy because that's what the State really is: a monopoly on violence. Our health-care is the product of pointing guns at people and demanding money. It should be as clear as day, but a majority of Canadians are asleep at the wheel.

Canada is not free.

If there's really a demand for violence in the market (like the demand for McDonalds food, or the mom and pop hardware store) then the State should compete and offer services like everyone else. Taxes should be voluntary payments, like the price for any other good or service.

If that actually happened you might see more funding go to municipalities than federal bureaucracies. Smaller tax jurisdictions are more efficient, but compulsory taxation is still theft. Perhaps it'll feel more like theft when it's your own asshole mayor spending your money.

Best just to privatize everything. Despite the overwhelming supply, there's likely no real demand for government.


  1. yeah let the corporations take over to fuck the Canadian people over even more... this blog sucks.

  2. I didn't say anything about corporations taking over. In the absence of the State, major corporations (and unions) won't be able to lobby the government for support and benefits. They'll have to compete in the market like everyone else.

  3. Something would have to be done about all the corporations in society if the State whithered away. Returning to a gold standard won't work if they have all the gold!

  4. dont need gold watch the money masters: pr the updated viersion " the secret of oz":

    governments can print money just like banks but without debt!!!

  5. USA is 100% FAIL!!! AND I'M ROM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!