Sunday, March 27, 2011

The CBC Wants To Help...

...With their political compass survey. According to the CBC, I'm on the economic right but I'm a social liberal. Of course, the questions are phrased toward statism, but that's no surprise.

Let's fill out this survey together!

All Canadian troops should be pulled out of Afghanistan immediately

Strongly agree... Let's add Libya while we're at it. And any other country where we're stationed. Even if it's for "peaceful" purposes.

Canada should increase its military presence in the Arctic

Strongly disagree... The military is a large bureaucracy and is, basically, the State's private army. I'd rather see the Arctic privatized. That's the best way to protect it.

How much should the government spend on the military?

Much less... Like nothing at all.

When there is an economic problem, government spending usually makes it worse

STRONGLY AGREE! (and instead of "usually makes it worse" how about "always makes it worse")... and anyone who disagrees is a fucking moron. Seriously. Turn off the TV and go read a book. Preferably something by Rothbard or Mises.

The federal budget deficit should be reduced, even if it leads to fewer public services

Strongly agree.... So let's end this coercive monopoly on social services to help offset the austerity in the public sector.

Canada should seek closer economic relations with the USA

Strongly disagree... Are you fucking kidding me? The US is going to hell in a handbag. Ditch the West, let's link up with the East.

The environmental damage caused by the Alberta oil sands industry is exaggerated

Strongly agree... There's definitely some environmental concerns, but the number one issue (Co2) is not a problem at all. Carbon dioxide is not a toxin and it's not destroying the planet. Stop listening to David Suzuki and Al Gore and start thinking for yourself.

Canada should adopt a carbon tax

Strongly disagree... I don't think supporters of this tax have brought the issue to it's logical conclusion: we exhale Co2. It is not unreasonable, in fact it's very plausible that politicans and bureaucrats will tax every single human being just for breathing. And forget the idea that this money will go to Ottawa. The elite class of global warming alarmists have all stated that this is a global problem that requires global governance. It's not a conspiracy theory.

Environmental regulation should be stricter, even if it leads to consumers having to pay higher prices

Strongly disagree... that's just stupid. I've been linking to this Walter Block video recently, and for good reason. The market is the best regulator for the environment. Socialism always fails. Why would we want to apply a failed system to something as important as our environment?

How much of a role should the private sector have in health care?

Much more... much, much more. Like everything. Not that pseudo-market bullshit the Americans have. I mean real free market health-care. Read this Hoppe article for more info.

The government should fund daycare instead of giving money directly to parents

Neutral... The government shouldn't be doing either! Jesus Christ!

It should be easier to qualify for Employment Insurance

Neutral... It should be easier to qualify, but this insurance scheme needs to be private. And none of this public-private contracts, or an insurance premium I'm required by law to purchase bullshit. Leave it all to individual choice in a voluntary market. That's freedom.

Speaking English or French should be a requirement for immigration to Canada

Neutral... What is Canada? A chunk of land ruled by a group of individuals that exercise force over the individuals that live within the territory. Once we shatter the myth of "country" or "nation" then immigration can be left to the best system of organization the human race has: the free market.

How many new immigrants should Canada admit?

Don't know.... (because there was no good option to pick). Again, immigration should be left to supply and demand. Not the arbitrary decisions of bureaucrats and politicians.

How much should be done to accommodate religious minorities in Canada?

Don't Know.... It's none of the State's business, but that wasn't an option.

Violent young offenders should be sentenced as adults

Neutral... A violent coercive monopoly should not be sentencing violent criminals (young or old) into prisons. Society can deal with violent crimes without having to resort to a violent institution to enforce peace.

The long gun registry should be scrapped

Strongly agree.... 'nuff said.

Possession of marijuana should be a criminal offence

Strong disagree... obviously.

The government should make it easier for a woman to get an abortion

Neutral... It is none of the State's business whether or not a woman wants an abortion.

Marriage should only be between a man and a woman

Strongly disagree... But I wouldn't sue, judge or claim a human rights violation on anyone that didn't want to marry gay couples.

If they so wish, terminally ill patients should be able to end their own lives with medical assistance

Strongly agree... How much of a control freak do you have to be to not let someone commit suicide? I can see the issue being debated between friends, family and medical professionals, but the State? Fuck off, Parliament.

The Senate should be abolished

Strongly agree... And while we're at it, let's abolish the House of Commons, the Supreme Court, the Bank of Canada, the CRTC, the military and every other bureaucracy in this country.

Political parties should no longer receive government funding

Strongly agree... But this issue is a minor one compared to all the big fish.

Only those who speak both English and French should be appointed to the Supreme Court

Neutral... Abolish the Supreme Court.

The federal government should have a say when it comes to decisions about culture in Quebec

Strongly disagree... The federal government shouldn't have a say about any provincial culture. But again, this is a minor issue. Remember that you can't spell culture without cult.

Quebec should be formally recognized as a nation in the Constitution

Neutral... Quebec sovereignty? Fuck that, how about individual sovereignty? No need for constitutions or nations. Just the natural laws of the free market.

Quebec should become an independent state

Strongly agree... And so should every other province. And then, the individuals of each State should declare their personal sovereignty.

Workers should contribute more to their government pension plan (CPP/RRQ) so that it can offer bigger pensions

Strongly disagree... What an idiotically phrased statement. No, no one should be forced into a pension system that resembles a ponzi scheme.

How much should wealthier people pay in taxes?

Much less... As in none at all.

How much tax should corporations pay?

Much less... As in none at all.

In your opinion, how trustworthy are the following party leaders?

0 = Not at all trustworthy
10 = Very trustworthy

Harper = 0
Ignatieff = 0
Layton = 0
May = 0
Duceppe = 0

In your opinion, how competent are the following party leaders?

0 = Not competent at all
10 = Very competent

Harper = 0
Ignatieff = 0
Layton = 0
May = 0
Duceppe = 0

In your opinion, how suitable for Prime Minister are the following party leaders?

0 = Not suitable at all
10 = Very suitable

Harper = 0
Ignatieff = 0
Layton = 0
May = 0
Duceppe = 0

How likely is it that you will ever vote for the following parties?

0 = Not likely at all
10 = Very likely

Conservative = 0
Liberal = 0
NDP = 0
Green = 0
Bloc = 0

How probable do you think it is that the following parties will win the election in your riding?

0 = Not probable at all
10 = Very probable

Conservative = 10 (except for a few years in the early 90's, my riding has been Tory for decades)
Liberal = 0
NDP = 0
Green = 0
Bloc = 0

Well that was a fun waste of time. Remember the election is May 2nd and voting is absolutely pointless!

Watch George Carlin if you don't believe me.


  1. I find it hilarious that it is "economic right and left"

    as opposed to economic freedom or economic coercion

  2. How much should the government spend on the military?

    Much less... Like nothing at all.

    Who the hell is keeping our country safe and free?
    If you don't want to stand behind our sodiers feel free to stand in front of them then!

  3. Sorry Soldiers not sodiers

  4. In case you haven't noticed, Anonymous, nobody is keeping our country safe and free. The State's personal army is doing something in the Middle East, but it does not concern me and I want no part in funding it.

    As for myself, my family, friends and community -- I'd like voluntary competitive defense agencies keeping us safe and free.

    And please, quit with the "stand in front of them" cliché. That's actually the second time I've heard it in the last four days. It has no real meaning, like "support the troops" or "war is peace."

    As for the literal meaning -- I already have. I stood in front of a solider last month in line at the grocery store.

  5. Remember that when we end up at war because of another country and you are running screaming and crying looking for a soldier to save your life. You say what you want and look tough but you wouldn't be sleeping it night if it wasn't for our men and women fighting for freedom and rights!
    Your just a spoiled kid that couldn't do half of what they do on a daily basis.
    The reason you can stand in that grocery store without being bombed or shot at is because of that soldier and all the others that serve our country.
    You try to sound like you have balls but lets hear you stand in front of a group of soldiers and say that.

  6. Again, I don't know how you came to the conclusion that "our" mean and women are fighting for "our" freedom and rights (I honestly don't). Yeah, sure. Maybe they're fighting for the freedom and rights of Afghans and Libyans, but every time this country goes to war we tend to lose more and more of our liberties.

    I'll skip over the spoiled kid comment because you don't know me. For all you know I'm an ex-soldier.

    The reason I can stand around without getting shot.... well the history of liberty in this country far exceeds what I can post here. All I can say is that stating that this country is free because we have a military is two dimensional and isn't even half the story.

    I have no problem telling soldiers my thoughts on liberty, government, war, etc. I have before. Some of them are very open to the idea. Look at the number of soldiers that support Ron Paul (American, I know, but the same standards apply).

  7. Men, I meant to type, not "mean"

  8. It seems not quite all the troops figure the mission in Afghastlystan is about "our" freedom or anyone's really.
    This fellow certainly doesn't:

    1. As long as there are ranks, there will be dissention in them.

      One of the rights for which soldiers fight, is the right to personal opinion. However, that doesn't mean that all opinions are valid or correct.

      An educated opinion that is constructively and tactfully delivered is very rare indeed.

      None of that here, at all.