Saturday, April 23, 2011

Can't Argue With The Greens

Ann Franssen from Barrie writes:

History has shown us that when a species becomes invasive, for example the dinosaur, our planet selects them for extinction. I can't think of a more invasive species than mankind.

Our planet does not select things for extinction. The planet isn't alive.

My 11-year-old sons says, "one day mom, we'll be wiped off the planet just like the dinosaurs."

Your kid has been brainwashed by establishment schools.

It's never too late to change your ways, that's why I'm supporting the Green Party in this election. You can't argue the Green platform; there is an urgent need to invest in green energy, the recent nuclear disaster in Japan has shown us that nuclear reactors are no longer safe on an unstable planet... Do we learn from this, or do we think that these things only happen to other people? My Nana used to say, "If everyone took care of their own backyard, there would be no need to worry about what the neighbours were doing."... Take care of your backyard and vote Green this election.

Your Nana was right. If we all took care of our own private property, there'd be no worry about what others are doing. Yet, privatization isn't a plank in the Green Party platform. The Greens are environmental fascists and their policies would sacrifice human health and civilization to “save” the environment and stop a natural climate change a dumbed down populace has credited to human activity.

Can't argue with the Green platform? Just watch me.

Green jobs. Create thousands of jobs through investment in renewable energy, expanding passenger rail and modernizing freight, retrofitting thousands of buildings to high standards for energy efficiency.

Green jobs can be translated into public jobs. It seems May and the Greens have all kinds of plans for building an energy efficient economy, but at the expense of taxpayers. This is the classic case of focusing on one group in the short-run instead of everyone in the long-run. These “thousands of jobs” being created will be at the expense of private sector jobs, where wealth is created. Green jobs is just another way for the State to destroy wealth while giving the illusion that it's helping.

Smart Economic Stimulus. Expand access to employment insurance for those who paid into it, while protecting the pensions of retired Canadians. Reduce EI and CPP contributions for businesses.

There ain't no such thing as smart economic stimulus (TANSTASES). All these initiatives will benefit the older generations at the expense of younger generations. This will probably be financed through running the printing press.

Fair Global trade. Reform, revise and rethink our trade agreements. Trade is a part of a sustainable future only when it is fair for all.

I'll give the Greens this one. Our current free trade isn't so free... but I'm not sure if socialist Greens could enact a true free trade policy. Or if they'd want to.

Healthy Industry. A healthy agriculture sector, with support for those who wish to transition to organic farming. A healthy fishery, with an end to devastating draggers. A sustainable forest industry with more emphasis on value added, and less raw log or unprocessed pulp export. More jobs for more people making real things.

“More jobs for more people making real things” sounds like something from the NDP. Regardless, there's nothing here about privatizing rivers, lakes, coastlines or forests. And government “support” for organic farming should be just as feared as government hostility.

Cut Wasteful Subsidies. End the failed strategy of throwing good money after bad in corporate bail-outs for big business, and subsidies to nuclear and fossil fuels.

Can't argue with that. (As long as we're not subsiding other corporate businesses like wind and solar energy).

Get The Prices Right. Get the prices right for longterm sustainability. Avoid structural deficits. Implement a revenue-neutral carbon pricing architecture to modernize our economy. Build a “Made in Canada” Green economy.

Prices are a reflection of individual value scales. The price system is rational, consumer based and is the key indicator for allocating resources to their most efficient and effective uses. This can only be done by a free market. The State is coercive, bureaucratic and wealth-destroying. Promoting a form of economic nationalism is just adding fuel to the fire. Any State-run made-in-Canada carbon-neutral pricing scheme will inevitably fail – socialism always does.

Help For married couples and Families.

• Fix the tax system. Lower income taxes and introduce full income splitting to reduce the tax burden on married couples and families.

The best way to fix the tax system is to scrap it... but at the very least the Greens should be advocating the elimination of income and property taxes. These are pure slavery taxes... yet I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise. The Green Party would like to enslave Canadians to work for and worship “Mother Nature.” They have no incentive to eliminate the slavery taxes.

• Share the load. More people working fewer hours. For those who want to, make it easier to telecommute or work from home. Share jobs. Flex hours. Flexible child care with access for all. Early childhood education. More workplace child care spaces. Support for those who stay home to raise their children and support for those who need to get back to work while their kids are still young.

Another example of focusing on one group instead of all groups. And instead of looking at the long term effect of things, the Greens are concerned with short-term solutions... so much for being the only party concerned with future generations... As for the specifics of this policy. It's all stuff I've debunked before in NDP policy platforms.

Help For local Governments. Sustainable long-term funding support for municipalities to repair decades-old crumbling infrastructure. Build for the future. Create more of the common amenities all communities need for recreation, transportation, water works and arts and culture.

Perpetual “stimulus” money. We get ourselves so far into debt that foreigners downgrade our credit rating and stop buying Canadian bonds and we default. Then we inflate ourselves into oblivion. The best help for local governments is to have them levy all taxes. There's no need for federal and provincial governments. Once mayors and city councils are collecting taxes perhaps it'll feel more like theft so we can move toward a private law society.

Respect And Support Our Elders. Ensure secure pensions and provide programmes that address health – both physical and mental – and ensure dignity by stopping elder abuse and respecting living wills.

With the baby boomers retiring, plans like these are idiotic. It's time to dismantle the welfare state while we still have the money to do it. It'll be harder when the crisis hits.

Reform our voting system. Hold a national discussion on the health of our democracy, address the growing and undemocratic power of the Prime Minister’s Office and explore the options for a more meaningful electoral system. Consider the risks of “first past the post” and vote on whether it should be replaced. Consider proportional representation.

Democracy is the God that failed.

Access to Information. Seek true solutions to the increasing corporate control in Canadian journalism. Whatever is “dumbed down” must be “smartened up.”

Leave corporate control of journalism alone. If too “dumbed down” ratings will drop and the profit-and-loss enterprises will have to “smarten up.” In the meantime, end all public schooling which is dumbing down children's critical thinking skills and keep the State's hands off the internet and telecommunications industries. Also, end the CRTC.

Ensure That Citizenship is equal. Social justice and equity are cornerstones of democracy. Canadian democracy is more secure when human rights are respected – starting with the First Nations and indigenous peoples of this continent, Turtle Island. Canada must move forward in implementing the spirit of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

No. Keep the UN out of this country and give First Nations the right to self-govern. In fact, give everyone the right to self-govern. Problem solved.

Global action on Global problems. Strengthen and enforce decisions made in the 2010 climate negotiations (COP16) to bring in the urgent and aggressive measures required globally to avoid catastrophic climate impacts and adjust and adapt to impacts we can no longer avoid.

Cap and trade and carbon tax. There is no catastrophic climate change coming... at least not at the fault of human beings. Unless the US military uses (or misuses) HAARP or chemtrails.

Contribute to a Peaceful Solution in Afghanistan. Refocus the Canadian mission in Afghanistan to poverty alleviation and development, strengthening governance and civil society institutions, and supporting the training and development of the Afghan military and police force, particularly in the area of upholding and protecting human rights.

Out of Afghanistan. Immediately.

Make Poverty History. Meet Canada’s commitments and push other nations to meet theirs in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals

That won't make poverty history. Capitalism has been the best tool for alleviating poverty. The poorest of the poor in the 21st century live better than the richest of the rich from the 5th century. Wealth redistribution destroys the prosperity of all.

I don't understand the popularity the Greens have among young people. Perhaps it's the dissatisfaction with the major political parties. Unfortunately years of indoctrination and propaganda have convinced most people that voting is useful. Hopefully someday – someday in the near future – people, especially young people, will realize how criminal the State is and accept anarcho-capitalism as the only answer.

The State is our enemy. Whether it's Red, Blue, Orange or Green. It's still an anti-social criminal organization.

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