Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Leaders Debate

If you missed the leaders debate last night you didn't miss much. This video sums up my thoughts. Here's the recap:

Harper: Certainly not the small-government free-marketer the Left make him out to be. Harper defended deficit spending as helpful to the economy, believes in man-made global warming and joining international treaties, likes the IMF, G20 and other Globalist organizations, and believes we are emerging from the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Ignatieff: Constantly repeated sound-bites such as “prisons, jets & tax cuts we can't afford,” “Harper will shut down anything he can't control,” and “shut down parliament twice.” Iggy went on to say that Parliament isn't “bickering” it's “democracy.” Apparently this man has never seen the House of Commons in action. It's worse than a schoolyard. Toward the end Iggy got pretty emotional, sounding like a high-pitched whiny child.

Layton: Jack Layton is a moron.

Duceppe: I can't understand a damn word this guy says. His accent is so thick that when he starts ranting all it sounds like is “wah wah nobody cares about Quebec.” I don't understand why he was in the English debate. I doubt a single Quebecois was watching.

May: Missing In Action. No problem here, her Green fascism is just as bad as Layton's full fledged communism or Iggy's middle of the road policy. And considering that even the Tories have hopped on the global warming bandwagon, the Greens are irrelevant and just reinforce the lie that Co2 emissions are changing the climate.

And obviously, there wasn't a single mention of the coming real estate correction and the recession that it will bring.

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