Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Commonwealth Enemy

Young people should be pissed off. Instead, we're like our elders. A high time preference coupled with a sense of entitlement. Reality hasn't dawned upon the public yet, and for young Canadians a rude awakening is in order.

Exhibit #1: The Crown. While Parliament and Party may be springboards to power, that power is technically “checked” by the Head of State, The Governor General, the de facto representative for the Queen herself. Think the PMO overrules the Queen? Don't kid yourself. Although in practice the Bitch almost never intervenes so most power resides in the Prime Ministers Office. Thus, the apparatus Wikipedia dubs the Crown that encompasses all executive, legislative and judicial bodies. It is in this body-politic that official plans for social and economic life are handed down. Recently, it was announced that young people are now going to have to wait an extra two years before receiving their Old Age Ration.


I don't imagine the public purse looking anything like it currently does in 35 years. Are you thinkin retirement? I'm thinkin interest payments that'll make your eye balls bleed. Consider,

Exhibit #2: Debt. It's everywhere – personal debt, entrepreneurial debt, political debts, even the corporate world has got its share of debt. What about young people? Those 20-30 somethings off in the world, making a name for themselves. Isn't it obvious? Student debt.

“But with a degree, I'll make money!”

Ah, but money and debt are one of the same. You can't have debt without money and in this fiat regime money cannot exist without debt. It's like the old proverb that to rob a bank one needs a gun; but to rob a country one needs a bank.

It's high-time young Canadians understand the truth behind this.

Exhibit #3: The Merchants. Technically, a subcategory of the Crown. The corporate interest in using the Crown's monopoly on violence for personal gain. Neither friend of consumer nor citizen, the merchant is a dishonest entrepreneur.

But are all entrepreneurs dishonest? Of course not. So how do you identify merchants? My advice is this: use some rational thinking. Read some books. Peter Newman has a great trilogy, as well as Walter Stewart's hilarity. For an understanding of how it all works, you can't go wrong with Murray Rothbard.

Exhibit #4: False paradigms; the bold-faced lie that we must choose between paying more taxes or having less social programs. This is probably the biggest swindle pulled on young people since conscription.

The belief that if we don't give more money to the Crown, the powers that be will cut down on our rations of health-care, education and energy must logically end with a 100% planned society. A system where individuals are taxed beyond belief so central governing bodies can provide all (but not actually) their wants, needs and desires.

Clearly, essential goods and services should never be left to the management of the Crown. The human right to freely associate and trade is in every way superior to coercion. This is the key to seeing through the Crown's lies.

Exhibit #5: Economic Depression. As the “economic recovery” deteriorates everybody will see a lower standard of living, not just young people. To continue its effective hoodwink of broader society, the Crown will have to cater to generational differences. Since boomers are the majority, what they think and feel is crucial for anyone itching to invoke change or maintain the status quo.

So it's best to not divide each other by age or resort to using violence in any way, shape or form. Instead, all Canadians should come together to fight our common enemy, the Crown.

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