Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Occupy Liberal Party

Canada is inching towards totalitarianism. I know, surprising right? Who knew that corporate and financial institutions working with the State would spell disaster? I mean, it only happened in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. It can't happen here! But if police actions at the Toronto G20, Occupy settlements or Montreal protests are of any indication then I'm afraid so, Canada.

It can happen here.

If cops, the military, lawyers, judges and the courts act to increase the power of the State, they are in effect decreasing the civil liberties of Canadian citizens. As the State is a monopoly of violence that taxes, its power should aways be diminished. Canadian values such as universal access to health-care are too important to leave to the hands of bureaucrats; a decentralized network of voluntary action requires no leader nor any central authority.

What Canada needs is an intellectual revolution. If democracy is the best form of government then we should be able to vote ourselves one. As a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, political parties act as springboards to power. The Liberal Party is in desperate need of reinvention; a merger with the NDP further breaks an already broken system. The Liberal Party really only has one solution: advocate a nonviolent revolution. This requires real grassroots support that, while popular in America, is virtually unknown in Canada. But there are a few ways around this.

a) Create the revolution. Get involved with your peers, families, community and contact your local Liberal Party (or better yet, if you're young get involved with the Young Liberals). Start promoting the idea of freedom and voluntary association. Discourage the legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau by discussing Gandhi. Ignore Bob Rae by quoting Ludwig von Mises. Laugh at Mark Carney while citing Friedrich Hayek. Persuade the Left with Jane Jacobs. Everybody is an anarchist, they just don't know it yet.

b) Wait for economic depression. If option A isn't going so well, they may start listening to you when the credit binge is over. Both the NDP and Conservatives will promote more intervention; the Liberal Party must be a party of laissez-faire.

c) Persuade Justin Trudeau. He holds the most sway and he can appeal to young people of all languages. If Justin adopts classical liberalism we may have our very own freedom figurehead. If he's just a political conman and only adopts the rhetoric – at least these ideas will be presented on the CBC.

So in essence, "Occupy Liberal Party" means doing your democratic duty – assuming you feel you have one. If voting is our only way to change things before the police state becomes grossly apparent, then what better way to use Canada's “natural governing party” as our vanguard?

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