Wednesday, August 15, 2012

169 Independents

The 42nd Canadian federal election is tentatively scheduled for October 19, 2015. As a fan of Hoppe, I'm well-aware of how absurd democracy is. However, this being Canada, many people are still unaware of this fact. Therefore to help combat the Party Dictatorships that are destroying society, I'm proposing a website called: 169 Independents

169 Independents will be a forum for Canadians to discuss national issues but more importantly connect with others in their respective ridings. The goal is to get 169 independents elected to the House of Commons to counteract the Party Dictatorships. The result will either be 169 independents that form government based on an agreed upon agenda or allow a minority Party to form government, but have their power checked by the 169 independents that are representing their ridings. Obviously, 169 will be the new majority number, but anything below that is still welcomed and anything above it will be considered a vast success.

Pointless? Let me know in the comments section.


  1. yeah pointless. elections are dumb

  2. It's a good idea, but I doubt a consensus could be formed among 169 independents. They'd probably end up being just as corrupt as the current clowns we have in office.