Monday, October 15, 2012

Headlines for October 15

Dalton McGuinty resigns: “My conclusion is that of late, we’re generating a lot more heat than we are fire.” Therefore, I'm leaving. Just can't handle the criticism. “Are you people with me or not?” No, we're not. Good riddance. Thanks for nothing you jerk.

James Coyne dies: Although not an Austrian by any stretch of the imagination, and certainly not a liberal in the classical sense, James Coyne was a fiscally prudent BoC governor that was ousted by Diefenbaker. As the Globe and Mail put it, "As Governor of The Bank of Canada, Mr. Coyne was highly critical of the prime minister’s monetary and fiscal policy and said so frequently in speeches about the need for “sound money” policies. For his part, Mr. Diefenbaker considered Mr. Coyne “inflexible,” “arrogant” and an “unregenerate Grit.”

Justin Trudeau is confronted about Bilderberg, and this is the mainstream media response: "The video above was prepared by some gnome calling himself spiderweiver or stinkingweesal or some other mysterious moniker cuz we all know that his real name is really Clark Can't and that he CANNOT REVEAL HIS TRUE IDENTITY as SUPER MORON-...because we all want to drink his baby's blood for our shape shifting transformations into satanic dragon people as we blindly step forward to serve the dreaded Illuminati." I'll stick with alternative media thank you.

Albertans urged to get flu shot: Here comes another season of flu shot propaganda. Wanna avoid getting the flu? Go primal and do the opposite of everything the government tells you to do. And obviously, don't get a flu shot.

Canadians' debt soars into danger zone: "The average household now has just 63 cents of disposable income for every dollar of debt, according to figures released Monday by Statistics Canada. That’s the highest ratio of debt to income ever recorded in Canada, and more inflated than the levels witnessed in the U.S. and Britain before their housing market collapses in the mid-2000s." Oops! Hopefully government comes to our rescue!

Bank of Canada head sees fallout from global woes: Mark Carney says, "The bank will take whatever action is appropriate to achieve the 2 percent CPI (consumer price index) inflation target over the medium term," I say, STFU Carney.

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