Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Opinion Matters? The Liberal Caucus Wants My Feedback

But not really. The Liberal Caucus want to give the impression that our vote counts, that our opinion matters and that our ideas can influence the Party elites.

In the words of George Carlin, it's all bullshit folks and it's bad for you.

But that doesn't mean we can't have fun with this little survey.

1) Which issue should Caucus focus its efforts on in the House and Senate?
    True accountability, i.e. more transparency on spending, fact based decision-making
    The economy
    Health care
    The environment
    Foreign policy
    Aboriginal affairs
    National unity
    Law and order
    Management of Canada’s natural resources

Well technically, it's all economics. So, the economy? Or how about law and order? That first one about accountability sounds good... You see Grits, the problem is that taxation is theft and it creates a calculation problem. So true accountability can only come through a profit-and-loss structure where payment is voluntary. How else can bureaucrats serve in the interests of the people? Without the ability to withdraw funds voluntarily (like we do in the market), management is destined to become bureaucratic and wasteful.

Law and order? Well, you can't realistically protect private property rights without first violating them via taxation. So end mandatory taxation, and we solve these issues.

2) How do you feel that Stephen Harper’s government is handling the economy?

    On the right track
    On the wrong track
    No strong opinion

I'll say no opinion here, as I do believe the federal government is on the wrong track, but considering our options... Harper is the lesser of the evils, but it's still an evil.

3) Which economic issue most concerns you at this time?

    Canada's budget deficit
Yeah, that's pretty important.
    Our current tax levels Even more so.
    Lack of job creation That ain't your job, Grits.
    Pensions and retirement insecurity Yeah, I hate getting forced into a pension ponzi scheme.
    Lack of infrastructure investment How about excessive "investment?" See all that road construction going on across the country? Stop it. It's annoying.
    Foreign ownership rules Like regulations that cartelize industries? Take a look at our telecommunications sector.
    Lack of focus on poverty reduction Yeah! The purchasing power of our money is dwindling. That's the major cause behind poverty!
    Growing income inequality between the rich and the working people As if the rich aren't working people. Goddammit, when did the Liberals become the NDP? What's the point of having a "liberal" party if you're not going to take your name seriously?

4) The following issues relate to services and support that may have an impact on the financial decisions that you and your family make on a daily basis – which of these issues do you feel the Conservatives have failed to properly address?

    Access to affordable childcare
Stop inflating.
    Cost of post-secondary education Stop inflating.
    Support for small businesses Stop inflating and repeal all regulations
    Pension security and retirement income Stop inflating
    Care for seniors and veterans Stop inflating and sending people to war
    Helping middle class families keep pace with the cost of living Stop inflating.

Do you see a pattern here?

5) Thomas Mulcair said that Alberta’s strong natural resources sector is hurting the economy in other regions of the country. Do you agree with his view?

    No strong opinion

No, it's a socialist crackpot theory that has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Even the Goldman Sachs terrorist Mark Carney agrees that it's a stupid opinion.

6) Do you think the federal government should discourage the development of the oil sector?

    Yes – The risks and negative impacts outweigh the economic benefits
    No – The economic benefits outweigh the risks and negative impacts
    No strong opinion

It's not the federal government's job to encourage or discourage the oil sector. Protect private property rights to their fullest extent (which includes pollution) and tada! The issue resolves itself.

7) Which statement best describes your position on the development of oil and natural gas pipelines in Canada:

    a. The energy sector is the key to our economic recovery and job creation so we should do all that we can to encourage pipeline construction to get our resources to global markets
    b. Pipeline construction can be an important part of our economic growth but should only be allowed after strenuous environment review and consultation with affected communities
    c. Pipelines are just too risky and only serve to encourage more oil sands development – I don’t need to wait for a review to know that I’m against any new pipeline construction
    d. No strong opinion
None of the above. I explained my reasoning in question 6.

8) Do you think the federal government should encourage greater foreign investment in the natural resource sector?

    Yes – Absolutely!
    Yes – I support foreign investment provided there is a “net benefit” to Canada
    Yes – I support foreign investment but foreign entities should not be able to own/control Canadian companies
    No – We currently have enough foreign investment in the natural resource sector
    No – I oppose foreign investment in all circumstances
    No strong opinion

I hate how these questions are phrased as to leave no room for anything outside the state. Since when did Italian Fascist slogans become the basis for how we ask political questions in this country? Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato - "Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State."

9) Do you think the government should do a better job of telling Canadians why they would allow the foreign take-over of a Canadian natural resource company?

    Yes – The government has a duty to inform the population
    No – The government is elected to take care of these decisions
    No strong opinion

See above.

10) What factors do you think the Liberal caucus should demand the government include in any review of such a foreign take-over?
The question: Why are we getting involved?

11) What do you think is the most pressing health care issue?

    Training more health care workers (nurses, doctors, etc.)
    Lowering the cost of prescription drugs
    Reducing wait times
    Improving home and long term care
    Improving mental health support

Other! Other! - The most pressing issue is how the hell we're going to pay for this bureaucratic boondoggle. Privatization is not a swear word. Universal health care is possible without "public" funding. Get your hands off and let tens of thousands of entrepreneurs figure it out.

12) With the election of a PQ government in Quebec, should the Liberal caucus make national unity a priority in Parliament?

    Yes – National unity strengthens our country
    No – We do not need to reignite the battles of the past

    No strong opinion

The second one.

13) Are you aware that the NDP supports a policy of allowing Quebec to separate with a simple majority of 50 percent plus 1 vote on any referendum question, no matter how unclear or misleading?


Who cares?

14) Given the NDP position, should Parliament reaffirm its support for the Clarity Act?

    Yes – The Clarity Act is an important piece of legislation
    No – They did it once so they don’t need to do it again
    No strong opinion

No, Parliament should affirm its support for provincial, city and territorial secession.

15) The Indian Act was enacted in 1876, and provides the federal government with the authority to oversee many aspects of life for First Nations in Canada. Do you think that it is time to work with First Nations to move beyond the Act?

    Yes – The Act is an outdated relic from the past and the time has come to move on

    Yes – But only if there is overwhelming support amongst First Nations for it to be ended
    No – The legislation is still needed to ensure that the unique position of First Nations is recognized
    No strong opinion

Yes, the first one.

16) What question would you like Liberal Caucus members to ask in Question Period on your behalf?

Only one question? You ask me 15 and I only get one? Okay, let me think.... I could ask about the purchasing power of our money, or this country's lack of private property rights. Or about how regulations help corporations and how the "public-private partnerships" our governments love so much basically amount to economic fascism. I could ask about Paul Desmarais and the powerful bankers and industrialists who run this country and have done so since its inception.

But instead, I'll ask this: why did you guys turn your backs on liberalism? Around the Great Depression and certainly after World War 2, you adopted "social liberalism" which is really just socialism. Currently, like your Conservative counterparts, you Grits are more fascist than anything.

So why? Why have you abandoned the liberal ideal? The belief that civil society can run itself and the state's role is to protect life, property and only intervene in cases of conflict?

Or is that it? The allure of power has deemed every social activity as "conflict" that requires state management?

If so, then voter pessimism is completely justified.

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