Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Conservatives Would Like Some Feedback

Those fools think we actually care about their opinions! LMAO!
So let's give it to 'em!

Do you support our move to scrap the wasteful and ineffective Long-Gun Registry?

Yes! You should scrap other stuff too.

Do you support our tough on crime agenda?

Hells no! I used to live in Kingston, Ontario, a place known for its prisons. The prisons are surrounded by farmland and until recently prisoners would go out and farm this land. Not only did this activity give them a skill they can use in the "real-world" but it also offset food costs for the prisons. Thanks to you fucks, these prisoners sit in their cells all day while the pristine farmland is being developed into housing-bubble suburbia. For the twelve months I lived in Kingston, I didn't meet a single person that agreed with this policy. The only crime agenda I support is one of privatization. Real privatization, where individuals and communities take control over law & order. Not the crony-capitalist bullshit you neo-cons are engaging in.

Is a strong military important for Canada?

Define Canada. A territorial monopoly? Of course, without the coercive arm of the state, there is no nation. But if instead we define Canada in a cultural context, then no. Canadian culture depends on individuals identifying themselves as "Canadian." It has nothing to do with the state or its police/military.

Do you agree with our plan to allow Family Income Splitting to give families a break on their tax bill?

No. It's just more confusing nonsense to an already complicated tax-code. I support the abolition of all taxes. Government should fund itself like everyone else: voluntarily and with competition from other entrepreneurs.

We have introduced Pension Income Splitting for seniors to help lower their tax burden. Do you support this?

No. See above. 

Do you agree with the Conservative Government supporting families through measures such as the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) of $1200 a year for each child under the age of six, the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and the Children’s Arts Tax Credit?

No. Support families by leaving them alone. No taxes. No state regulations. No government. Just governance.

Have you taken advantage of a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)?

I did. But then I started reading Mises and Rothbard. Now I own gold and silver.

Should refugee claimants get better health benefits than Canadian Citizens?

Depends on how much money they have. Or whether charities and/or churches are willing to help out.

Should we deport non-citizens who break our laws instead of paying to keep them in jail?

 We should abandon the concept of "citizens" and view each other as individuals in a free market of property ownership. Furthermore, I shouldn't pay to keep anyone in jail. See Rothbard for more information.

Do you agree with our principled foreign policy decision to support Israel?

Hahahahahahahaha, look at the question: "do you agree with our principled foreign policy." Oh Jesus, God help us all. ...And for the record no. I do not support Israel's war crimes and the Western governments that not only turn a blind eye but support and aid these acts.

Do you agree with the NDP that Canadian taxpayers should bail out European banks?

I never agree with the NDP. Canadian taxpayers shouldn't bail out anyone, either European, American or Canadian. In fact, Canadian taxpayers shouldn't bail-out each other in the form of subsidies. Canadian taxpayers should cease to be taxpayers.

Do you agree with the Liberal/NDP proposal that claimants should be eligible for EI after a 45-day work year?

No. But I don't agree with anything you guys do either. Abolish EI.

Do you support Thomas Mulcair’s $21-billion job-killing carbon tax?

Haha, I like how these questions are phrased. No, I do not want a carbon tax, cap and trade or any other statist con-job you guys are dreaming up.

Do you support the Conservative Party of Canada?


Would you consider becoming a Member of the Conservative Party of Canada?


Would you consider donating to the Conservative Party of Canada?

Hahahaha, that's too funny. Seriously guys, who writes these questions?

What do you think about the job being done by Prime Minister Stephen Harper? 

He's just like every other PM: Expand your own power, prolong your time in power, fool the masses into thinking you're actually doing some productive and beneficial etc. etc.

 What do you think about the job being done by the Conservative Party of Canada?  

Well politically, you guys are doing great. You've successfully squashed the Liberal Party so that they pretty much have to merge with the NDP in order to win the next election. Seriously, you guys have successfully learned from your experience in the opposition. By uniting the right, you've effectively split the left. Now while they argue and bicker about who's the "true alternative," you guys will win majority government after majority government. It's like the 90's all over again, just replace Chrétien with Harper.

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