Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Liberal Party Leadership Fiasco

Of the 24 hours that was last Saturday I probably spent a total of thirty seconds reading through the snail-mail letter the Liberal Party of Canada sent me. The voting period is between April 7 and April 14. That gives me less than a week to figure out if I actually want to spend time on this thing. I can vote online, so it's not the logistics that bothers me – it's the idea that I'm voting for a violent bureaucracy that wants to gain political power to coerce me, my family, friends and complete strangers.

Needless to say, I probably won't vote for the Liberal Party leadership election. I'll be part of that tiny margin of supporters that – for whatever reason – signed up as supporters but never voted. But there are other reasons I'm not voting. For starters, Justin Trudeau has already won. He's the establishment favourite. Just pick up a newspaper. Any newspaper. Establishment journalists, whether they love him or hate him, write about him. The Trudeau name has its connections to the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (see CAN for more info) and the Liberal Party is blatantly in bed with such Canadian tycoons as Paul Desmarais and co. I'm willing to bet my left testicle that Justin Trudeau not only wins but out performs MuLcair as the front-runner in the 2015 election. Do the Grits deserve it? Of course not, and if Canadians were rational free-thinking individuals they'd reject The Big Red Mess en masse (and withdraw their consent from the state itself, but I digress). Justin Trudeau is Canada's answer to Barack Obama. Expect the Bush-Obama dichotomy to play out as the Harper-Trudeau drama.

Since Trudeau is going to win next week – and I'm sure as hell not going to vote for him – I see no reason in voting at all. That astronaut figured this out... what's his face? Garneau? He saw the cards being dealt out. Trudeau has the name, face and charisma. Policy? Wake up fuckheads, there is no fundamental difference between the LPC, Tories, NDP, Green, Bloc, etc. Etc. Only the Libertarian Party offers some clue as to what actually constitutes a free society. But even-so, these party bureaucracies exist as a springboard to state power and thus should be discouraged, neglected and ignored.

The whole voting process (whether within the LPC or in a general election) is a façade. A fraud perpetrated on the people to foolishly make them believe that “we” have a say in how the state uses its monopoly of force. In the words of George Carlin, it's all bullshit folks and it's bad for ya. Will I vote in the LPC leadership election? Most likely not. Then why the hell did I sign up as a supporter? Two reasons: (1) I enjoy getting mail; (2) It allows me to make comments on the LPC website. I've tried to insert some of my classical liberal leanings into their posts, but am always shot-down. Even non-political stuff like MS research was ignored. So I e-mailed Martha Hall Findlay only to discover that she – like all these clueless bureaucrats – believe central banks are essential for prosperity and that Mark Carney is doing "an excellent job.” She seemed like the only rationale person running for the leadership, so that came as a big disappointment. Then I e-mailed a few others (David Bertschi, Joyce Murray, etc.) and never heard back. So much for democracy. Think I'll go back to reading Hoppe.

That about sums up my thoughts on the LPC leadership election. There remains one problem, however. Voting ends on Sunday and I can't bring myself to destroy that goddamn letter. So I have to get through the weekend without stumbling home drunk and doing something regrettable like voting. Maybe I'll get lucky and bring home some horny broad with STDs. But heaven-forbid I drunkenly sit down at my computer and vote in the LPC leadership election. Yes, that's right: I'd rather get genital herpes than vote in an election where the winner has already been chosen by fascist elites.

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