Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kathleen Wynne is Gay

Premier Kathleen Wynne is butting into someone else's business. And no, it's not the millions of business licences under her control as Premier of the Socialist Soviet Republic of Onterrible. This week she's not deciding whether you or I can sell beer to each other without the heavy hand of the state and the corporate aristocracy interfering. She's butting her nose in the State of Indiana.

Yep, 'Murica.

Indiana has passed a law that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers. I think the only insulting thing about that is that an Indiana law proclaims to give that right. That right exists as men and women are free in the natural John Lockeian sense. So while this may be disrespectful – judging someone based on their sexual orientation – it is completely acceptable. If consumers care enough, any particular business barring gays will eventually face bankruptcy. If that's an issue in Indiana. I don't know. I've never been there and I don't care how those people choose to live their lives.

But not so for Kathleen Wynne the cisgenderless Premier of Onterrible. “It’s completely unacceptable to me that in the 21st century such a discriminatory law would be in place, that it would be used to divide people and to create the kind of hostility that is obviously being engendered,” she said

But I say shhhuutt up. Private owners of property and capital are free to use those materials in anyway they please unless it aggresses against someone else. There is nothing aggressive about barring a certain class or race of people from entering your private property. What's insulting and discriminatory, is the real divide that Wynne perpetuates. The only real difference between people are those who earn money and those who take money, like politicians. You cannot stop paying for politicians; you can only vote for new ones.

What kind of choice is that? Wynne calls Onterrible, “open and non-discriminatory,” but she doesn't speak for everyone. “It’s certainly not how we behave in Ontario,” she says. But even in traditional classical liberal parliamentary systems, Kathleen Wynne does not speak for everyone in Ontario. That's French revolutionary democratic tyranny bullshit. Fuck off Wynne.

The Toronto Star reports, “Wynne said she has previously met with Indiana governor Mike Pence, a Republican, in Toronto and will have words for him at the next meeting of Great Lakes governors.”

Ewww!! Oh no! Will have words for him!

 “I will certainly be making clear to him, depending on what has happened in Indiana by then, it’s not how we do business in Ontario, it’s not how we believe governments should behave,”

Yes governments should force egalitarianism on everyone and regulate how businesses work. And if we take a cue from Kathleen Wynne's Onterrible Lieberal government, governments should behave as such: regulate adult behaviour like smoking and raising children, excessively tax wealth creators and redistribute the loot amongst yourselves and the poor, engage in economic fascism by contracting mega energy projects to European corporations while imposing price controls (really, people controls) on energy consumption. That's how we do business in Ontario, that's how we believe governments should behave.

According to Kathleen Wynne, the cisgenderless Premier. She added, “We should be in the business of bringing people together, we should be in the business . . . of creating opportunities for people to live together in harmony. We should not be in the business of dividing people.”

Well then you fancy fuck get out of business. Let people patronize another competitor. Don't divide people as tax collectors and tax payers. Equalize the playing field. Unite us in harmony!

The fact is, Indiana, Ontario and every other piece of land on the planet needs strong private property rights. Otherwise we'll stuck with Wynne's socialist fascism or some variant of it. We don't need legislation allowing business owners to discriminate on religious beliefs. We need to return to the natural human laws that recognize discrimination as one of the most basic elements of our existence. Everybody discriminates. It's also called aesthetics.

How far one decides to discriminate depends on his or her own action. There will always be white people discriminating against blacks and vice-versa. As there will be against gays and non-gays. Laws don't end discrimination. In the U.S., a gay couple asked a bakery to make them a wedding cake. The bakery owners were Christian and said they wouldn't feel comfortable with it. They declined and the gays sued. The coercive arm of the state stepped in and the led the bakers to bankruptcy. Meanwhile the gay couple found another cake decorator to do the job.

Is that how we do business in Ontario? Is that how governments should behave? Fuck you Kathleen Wynne, you fucking fascist.


  1. Wynne...leader of the Liberal Fascists. Not sure why she is not in jail with her cohort McGuinty. A shame the rest of us who did not vote for her have to suffer because the majority of Onterrible are ignorant enough to vote her into office. Apparently they don't mind her/ex-cohort stealing money and more money from the taxpayers. Rob Ford for Ontario Premier 2018. The liberal fascists should all head on a spaceship to inhabit Mars.

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