Sunday, May 31, 2015

Empires of the Future

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In 2014, the members of the Eurasian Economic Space started accelerating the formation Eurasian Economic Union. This union is very similar to the European Union and the not-yet announced North American Union. What's interesting about the EEU is that the Chinese are interested. They have their own “Silk Road Foundation" economic project that includes replacing Western institutions like the IMF and World Bank with the AIIB, SWIFT and an Asian-wide currency backed with – get this – gold


Now let's smash this pyramid one brick at a time: there are lower hierarchies of elites in America. These guys and gals may go to Rothschild parties, but they don't get invited back. On the grand chess board in world affairs, if soldiers and cops are the pawns then these guys are the bishops - great to have but possible to go without. At the end of the day all that matters is the Queen and she doesn't live in America. Western elites, or should I call them bishops, want a levelling out of the dollar. No crash, just use central banking and a world empire to keep all currencies at some equilibrium value differing no more than 5%. Once that's in place, they can introduce their beloved Bancor courtesy of the IMF and World Bank.

That may have been the original plan, but to stay on top you have to always update your plans. You have to take in new ideas, reassess the assumptions you've been working with, and redesign any model even if it looks nothing like what you started with. It's the innovating human spirit and you can bet your ass the top global elites have cultivated it in one way or another. Therefore, when it comes to looking for power grabs, we have to spot the different empires at play. We can't pretend like America - or even the West - will always be on top.

The real question is whether the American elites have any gold or not. And if they do, can they hold off a revolution? To answer that second question, I don't think they can. For better or worse, America feels like it's about to pop. All it takes is one big crisis – like a dollar crisis. Or rather, a gold crisis. But why gold? some ask. Well it's been money for thousands of years and do you really believe the top tiers of the global elite are holding onto Federal Reserve Notes?

The United States is the biggest variable right now in whether the world stays with Western institutions like the IMF and World Bank, or they hop onto the Russian-Chinese led order. But the United States is also the cause of this mess. Russian media outlets know what's up. One journalist wrote that he believes the world is heading towards a new monetary system from “defective capitalism” to “the new capitalism that would be based on a non-defective currency.”

Right now China is playing both sides. They want the RMB to be featured in the “Special Drawing Rights” that act as a precursor to a world currency. Meanwhile the EEU is expanding, and their flag has all of Asia on it. Talk about intimidation. There have also been talks for an EEU joint currency called Altyn. Altyn refers to an ancient currency that used to circulate in Eurasia. Altyn has never been minted in gold, although in Turkic, Altyn does mean gold.

Imagine: an economic union in Eurasia that uses a currency backed in gold. The past political conflicts between Russia and China are forgotten for the riches that come from oil and gas projects, banking, finances, new technologies and the defence industry. That's why it's important to watch what's happening with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to the BRICS development bank, and of course the AIIB, SWIFT and China's Silk Road Foundation.

Russia and China and the other BRIC nations are threatening the existence of the US dollar as the world's reserve. And with it, the standard of living of each and every American.

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