Thursday, June 22, 2017

What's Happening in BC Politics?

Gawd, I hate politics. 

Although Christy Clark has given her throne speech, it is the Lt. Governor who technically decides the outcome. 

Because when people say “BC,” they must forget what the “B” stands for. 


And in this inherited political system, we commoners divide monarchical power with democratic and aristocratic powers.

It’s almost as if the classical liberal English of old understood political philosophy. 

That every society has its monarchical, democratic and aristocratic elements. 

That the success of the British Empire more or less rested on balancing these governing principles.

So while Christy and Horgan lust after power like blood-thirsty parasites, it is the unelected Head of State that will determine BC’s future.

Since the BC legislature would be in a virtual stalemate if the NDP-Green coalition comes to power, the speaker of the house, who is currently Liberal, would have to constantly cast a tie-breaking vote.

If the Lieutenant-Governor doesn’t have confidence in this hobbled together agreement between the NDP and Greens, then it really doesn’t matter that the MLAs propose and vote on an amendment to topple the Liberals.

Now, in 2017, these Head of States like BC’s Lieutenant-Governor or Canada’s Governor General don’t hold much power beyond figureheads and rubber stamps. The democratic element has eroded society and is actively undermining free markets.

In fact, the Governor General of Canada just apologized for the fact that even aboriginals are technically immigrants. 

Worse than a runaway legislature, the social media mob now has public opinion in its grasp. How does a far-right bigot make it in this world?

Will the Lt-Governor side with Corrupt Clark or the Horgan-Weaver Tax-and-Spend Brigade?

Clark is clearly the lesser evil, provided that the Libertarian Party never wins any seats, and it would have been nice to see the Greens side with her (#ISideWithHer).

Think about it — nice, clean environmental record while cutting taxes and red-tape. The BC Liberals are the most fiscally conservative Liberals in Canada and, hey, since we have a carbon tax anyway, you might as well massively decrease income taxes, and while you’re at it, get rid of that sales tax. There’s already a federal one, isn’t that enough?

And property taxes at a municipal level are getting out of control, but I digress. 

BC could be looking at another election. 

How fun. 

More of those goddamn plastic signs. 

More commercials and before YouTube videos too! C’mon, man! I can’t skip that one? A full 30 seconds? I’d rather watch a full minute or two of actual commercials!

But there’s still hope. 

The Greens aren’t calling their deal with the NDP a “coalition,” meaning, they could look at the promises made in the throne speech and say, okay, since this government depends on how we vote, let’s make this parliament work by having the stable Liberal Party in charge.

And knowing lower mainland BC, this would result in plummeting poll numbers for Weaver and his Greens.

And since democracy is the god that failed... The Lt-Governor would be best to play ball and let the NDP form government.

But I hope she doesn't.

*Update* She did. Say hello to Premier Horgan 


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