Sunday, June 3, 2018

Better than Beethoven

Have you ever heard anything more beautiful?

"A new decision for voters" -- to kick your ass out.

Of course, if Trump didn't lock Hilary up, I can't see Ford being harsh on Wynne. And, of course, if the NDP win then Ontario is just as fucked. Might as well have voted this bitch in again.

But don't you just revel at those tears? This statist deserves every failure. Every lost seat. Even losing official party status.

And those kids in the background -- what a great photo-op.

"I'm not crying because it's about me." -- Bullshit. You're crying because statists hate giving up power, but since we all pay lip service to democracy... (don't worry, Wynne. You'll get a hefty taxpayer-funded pension in spite of your criminal behaviour)

"It's about those kids" -- you know, the ones whose future I've destroyed with endless deficits, debts that can never be repaid, and a job market decimated by my radical leftist policies."

Poor Liberal Party. With the PCs going Ford Nation, they really could have hand-picked any other person, hell, even a doormat would have sufficed. Anyone but Wynne.

Oh well, she's gone now. Or, almost.

All I can do is apologize for not keeping this blog up to date. I plan to change that. Despite who wins the Ontario election (or the fact that I don't even live there anymore). There's plenty of other crap to write about, anyway.

Tanstaafl Canada is back because the belief in a free lunch is stronger now than when I started this thing in 2010.

"After Thursday, I will no longer be Ontario's premier...." The sound of beauty. Better than Beethoven.

Thank you Wynne, you've inspired me to write about Canadian politics again.

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