Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NDP's New Platform

Well it seems the NDP have taken down their old platform from their website. Luckily I critiqued a good chunk of it so all Canadians can see: The NDP are socialist maniacs. Here's their new platform:

Making life more affordable

New Democrats will reduce the cost of everyday essentials like home heating. And we’ll ensure that every family takes home more of every paycheque.

Doubt it. But okay, they can reduce costs by cutting taxes (or eliminating most of them). And they can ensure Canadians are taking home more of our paychecks by ending mandatory payments into things like EI and CPP.

Rewarding job creators

Under Stephen Harper, your tax dollars went to companies shipping Canadian jobs overseas. New Democrats will target investment to small businesses and companies actually creating jobs right here at home.

No investment, the State can only consume. The best way to help small businesses is to eliminate all the bureaucratic red tape involved with starting and running your own business. Also, cut taxes. If people can't afford to reinvest their capital then the business is doomed to fail.

Improving front-line health services

New Democrats will take concrete steps to train more family doctors. We’ll improve homecare. And we’ll make your prescription medicines a little more affordable.

The NDP could train more doctors, but it'd be a large expense, courtesy of the taxpayer. Improving homecare is another taxpayer expense we don't need and it's doubtful medicine will be more affordable as I assume the NDP will subsidize it. Subsidies always makes things worse.

Putting families first

New Democrats will strengthen pensions. We’ll make childcare and education more accessible. And we’ll improve EI to make it easier for families to care for ageing loved ones.

Strengthen pensions and improve EI? Then how exactly are we supposed to take home more of our paycheck? Universal childcare will not make daycare more accessible (see our health-care system for an example) and again, subsidies and student loans into education will only drive up prices.

Stupid NDP. Sad part is, there are tons of people that support these anti-social policies.

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