Sunday, September 21, 2014

Old Farmer's Almanac Still Reigns King

The Old Farmer's Almanac has been forecasting weather for 223 years. The predictions are derived from a secret formula devised in 1792 by the Almanac's founder, Robert. B. Thomas. With an accuracy of 80 percent, the Old Farmer's Almanac employs meteorology, climatology, solar patterns, and historical weather conditions to make its predictions. Despite all the conveniences of “modern science,” the Almanac is more accurate than the United Nation's IPCC. Of course, this is not surprising to those who understand why the IPCC is so wrong.


The Old Farmer's Almanac has revealed its predictions for this Canadian winter season: more cold, more snow. Remember last year's winter? Ontario and Quebec saw their worst winter since the 1970s. A friend of mine in Victoria, BC told me that plants in his garden died from last year's winter. In Victoria! There were snowstorms in the Maritimes well into Spring.

And just the other week it snowed in Alberta!

“We’re looking at the T-Rex of winters,” Jack Burnett, editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac told CTV. “It’s going to be colder, it’s going to be snowier … it’s not pretty. From Calgary to Quebec, we’re going to be up to our neck.”

Somebody better call David Suzuki, there's something wrong with his models. Unless, of course, harsh winters equal global warming. Don't ask me how, but that is what's been shouted at me from emotional environmental crusaders fascists. It may snow heavily in Canada, but x part of the world will be engulfed in forest fires. Also, weather and climate are different – duh!

So? The difference is a measurement of time. Who's time? And who cares if it snows in Canada while deserts don't get water. Isn't that how the planet works? Of course the climate changes. It is always changing. And of course people have an effect on their environment. We are part of the natural world. There is little we can do that will make our environment inhabitable... save for a nuclear winter or a geo-engineering experiment that goes dreadfully wrong. But still, the planet is resilient. It couldn't have produced all this life if the balance was so fragile that a little bit more C02 throws it off key and descends everything into catastrophic chaos.

More to the point, we humans have every right to knock down a forest to set up a shopping mall.

Worried about the wildlife? Consider what happens once we let that wildlife start to increase in numbers again. They kill us. That's why we killed so many of them to begin with. They're marginalized to the peripheral for a reason. Perhaps that's the globalist plan for depopulation. Can't nuke the place, still gotta be able to use it. Gotta be careful with bioweapons or geoengineering – could get out of hand and backfire. But what about predators? The people are already indoctrinated to think of the human race as a virus. They exalt primitive living and abundant wildlife as a return to the Garden of Eden. Why not just let packs of wolves destroy Western civilization? Once they've disarmed us (the globalists, that is), fending off predators is going to be a little more difficult. We'll flee into the cities to escape from the rural dangers. And once we're in the cities... Agenda 21!

Now this isn't meant to scare you. Nor is my hypothesis an established fact. I'm just hoping a second winter in a row with crap-loads of snow will jolt the masses awake. Let's have a discussion about the difference between “weather” and “climate.” But then again, maybe not.

I'm finding that in all walks of life, people think things are getting worse. Talk about an indoctrination of the masses. Whether it's a global warming scam or a geo-engineering conspiracy, everybody thinks hurricanes are more frequent, snow storms are longer, droughts are more intense, twisters are tripling their twisting, etc. etc.

I'm calling BS. It's not happening more, we're just more connected now. The planet is a huge place. This kind of stuff happens all the time. All the fear-mongering on both sides of the debate is just that – fear-mongering. Weather is not getting more extreme. But don't take my word for it. There's there. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this.

The climate changes, sometimes for the best (when it warms), sometimes for the worst (when it gets colder). But the idea we're heading into a catastrophic period where climate is going to wipe us all out.... Well seeing that the previous Ice Age nor even the Toba Supervolcano could wipe out the human race... I'll stick to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

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