Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Is Islam an Evil Cult?

"Did I say harsh words? You're darn right I did, and I stand behind them," Todd Beasley said Monday in an interview with CBC News.
The party rejected Beasley as a candidate on the weekend, citing some of his online comments, including several posted to Facebook in 2017.
"Islam is not a religion of peace. It's cruel, revolting, racist, oppressive and has no legitimate basis," said one of Beasley's Facebook posts. "The Mongols would have done mankind a favour if they snuffed this evil cult when they had the chance."

Isn't Islam an evil cult? I always thought most if not all religions were evil cults. If you say it's politically incorrect to insult Islam in such a manner, you're fueling the right. If you try and justify your reasoning, whether identifying with being PC or not, you'll still fuel the right.

We need a left and right. And we need authoritarians and libertarians. Just, preferably, the former in business and latter in politics. As corruption with authoritarian businesspeople is weeded out in a free market. While corruption in government by libertarians is obvious.

But anyway, I probably shouldn't call Islam an evil cult just in case I want to want for mayor again someday. But I'm hedging my bets for a more libertarian future, provided we make it. Also, I'll likely be wiser when I'm older. I do feel smarter at 30 than I did at 20... So, by the time 2057 rolls around, no one will give a shit that I once called Islam an evil cult because: a) that will have been well established and is popular opinion, b) no one cares what people say online anymore, especially if it's dated or c) we will be living in an Islamic fascist state and I will have long since left the country or have been killed... possibly both.

Just kidding about that third option, only right-leaning white trash crotch waffles, a lot of them aging parasitic baby boomers, worry about Islam. As far as I'm concerned if Muslims want their covenant communities with Sharia Law, then have at her!  I'm all for private law and order. I suppose there is a Hoppean element in me, however, that would interpret Sharia Law as a variant of socialism and therefore must be physically removed.

This is just a long way of saying that Islam is an evil cult. Most, if not all, religions are. Christianity gets no exception, so neither does Islam. Both have their histories, their important moral lessons. But they've also got a whole lot of bullshit. Lots of it. Probably more in the Qur'an than the Bible but who's counting? Take out the good narratives and remember that, while ancient humans needed myths and stories to tell something true about reality, today we can just use our advanced knowledge.

Christianity didn't build the West and Islam is not destroying it. Capital accumulation built the West. And if once upon a time having most of Europe believe in a particular interpretation of Christianity helped lay the foundations for capital to accumulate, then that's all well and good. But today, if you take the time to read and understand Mises, then you don't need some metaphysical belief in god.

You just need economics.

Islam may be an evil cult, but it's socialism that's destroying the West.


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