Friday, June 8, 2018

Doug Ford Jr. is Ontario's Premier

Well, that was quick. CBC was calling it a Doug Ford Majority within 21 minutes. Which was great, I really had no desire to stay up all night and watch the Ontario election. 

But still, I wanted to be entertained for at least more than 20 minutes.

So Doug Ford won. Good for him. I would have preferred the Libertarian Party, but ole’ Doug the Slug beats an NDP government any time of day. 

Because — What’s the worst that will happen? 

He and Trump could team up and put a million minorities into concentration camps.

But even if they did that, they wouldn’t be worse than Hitler, Mao or Stalin who put millions more into actual death camps. They practically turned their whole countries into death camps. 

What a nightmare of a life that must have been for those millions of people.

So let’s get a little rational here — ole’ Doug the Slug will do just fine. Not great, this is Ontario we’re talking about. And this is the Progressive Conservative party, here.

But he did win a large majority very quickly and that was funny.

In retrospect, it’s obvious. The red and orange team split the “left” vote so the blue team was off to the races, even with a fat fuck as a leader.

Imagine if the PCs had picked Christine Elliott. They probably would have covered the entire province in blue. Seriously.

Anyway, the worst Ford will do is cut taxes and, with any luck, gut the public sector. 

When he does this, those unemployed bureaucrats should be able to find employment in the private sector.

If they can’t, then their job wasn’t worth squat.

Or, they are unable to due to artificial constraints on their actions. 

For example — unemployed nurses should be able to open their own private nursing clinics.

Quality assurance, that is, what we normally homogenize as “government regulation” is a series of services that are in demand (even the ones we haven’t visualized yet) and will be provided for in the private sector. 

There are already real-life examples of market regulation — competition between vendors as determined by consumer preference, insurance companies and their pooled premiums, private security firms like Brink's.

All Ford has to do is legalize competition with government services. I don’t think he will, but that’s all he needs to do to ensure a functioning economy.

Wean people off government services or default on the debt. I don’t see a third option.

What will Ford do instead? Probably cut taxes and ax not enough government jobs while doing nothing even remotely similar to what I’ve just described above.

That makes his PC government marginally better than the opposition. And I stress the word marginally.

As for the actual issues:

Trump's Tariffs — Don’t worry about it, he’s not well liked anyway. Stay true to free trade and criticize Ottawa when they retaliate with their own tariffs. If Ford minimizes the size of government in commerce, then the PCs can get back to what makes for good government — maintaining the rule of law.

“But what about the steelworkers?”

Let them suffer like Alberta oil workers have suffered under Trudeau. 

No bailouts. No stimulus. Fuck yer jerb, just free the damn market already.

Health Care — I’ve already touched upon the solution above. 

Since doctors want more money and Ontario residents need better health care, the solution is obviously privatization.

Adherence to “universal health care” makes no sense once you get into the details of the argument. Basically, it’s that you have a fundamental right to health. This is obviously false. In the state of nature, you ain’t entitled to shit.

But since we aren’t in the state of nature, the argument goes, the rules have changed. Social norms now dictate reality.

This is fallacious.

We are still in the state of nature. Our private property is our extended phenotype. We’re the most advanced species on the planet, but we’re still bound by the laws of nature. 

If we don’t understand what makes the world tick, whether it be physics or economics, then we’re truly fucked.

Ergo — privatize health care.

Hydro rates — In fact, privatize everything and do it correctly this time. Hydro is such an easy fix it’s almost painful to watch news coverage of it. Everything is so short-term and based on up to the minute facts.

Nobody steps back and looks at the big picture. They miss the forest for the trees.

Privatizing hydroelectricity in Ontario means decentralizing control. It means transferring ownership of provincial assets to local populations by handing them shares in their new private companies.

Where your ownership is proportional to the burden the Ontario government has placed upon you and your family up to that point.

We can’t fix all these problems on day one. But Doug Ford has 4 years. 

Unfortunately, it’s not up to him. It’s up to you and me. The libertarian revolution isn’t going to be won by elections alone. It involves changing the hearts and minds of everyone, everywhere. 

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